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SBA 8(A) Program

ContractseSTS was certified as an 8(a) company in May 2009 by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). For more information about the SBA 8(a) Business Development (BD) Program please visit the SBA 8(a) Business Development Program FAQs.

Seaport Enhanced

Navy SeaPort-e Website: www.SeaPort.navy.mil

Program Details

Service Offerings

  1. Research and Development Support
  2. System and Process Engineering Support
  3. Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation and Analysis Support
  4. Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making and Fabrication Support
  5. Systems Design Documentation and Technical Data Support
  6. Software Engineering and Development
  7. Reliability, Maintainability and Availability Support
  8. Human Factors, Performance and Usability Engineering Support
  9. System Safety Engineering Support
  10. Configuration Management Support
  11. Quality Assurance Support
  12. Information System Development, Information Assurance and Information Technology Support
  13. Ship Inactivation and Disposal Support
  14. Interoperability Test and Evaluation Trials Support
  15. Measurement Facilities, Range and Instrumentation Support
  16. Acquisition and Logistics Support
  17. Supply and Provisioning Support
  18. Training Support
  19. In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support
  20. Program Support
  21. Administrative Support
  22. Public Affairs and Media Support

SeaPort-e Overview

Task Order Types: IDIQ – FFP, Cost Type
Potential Two Award Terms through 2017

Zones Zone 1 – Northeast Zone
Zone 2 – National Capital Zone
Zone 3 – Mid Atlantic Zone
Zone 4 – Gulf Coast Zone
Zone 5 – Midwest Zone
Zone 6 – Southwest Zone
Zone 7 – Northwest Zone
Business Ownership 8(a) – 8(a) Program
SB – Small Business Concerns
SDB – Small Disadvantaged Business Concerns
Point of Contact Thomas McAvoy, SeaPort-e PM
(301) 429-0005 Ext 101

Awarded Task Orders

Quality Assurance Program Information

eSTS’ Quality Control Plan (QCP) ensures that quality is an integral part of the design, development, and delivery of its professional services and solutions. Quality management activities begin with an executable contract for new work or an approved contract modification. eSTS senior managers are responsible for reviewing proposed contract changes and technical directions to ensure that our deliverables and services meet customer requirements. Our PMs manages activities to provide sound-quality products and services on schedule and within budget. To ensure outstanding contract performance and minimize the risk of schedule disruption, increased costs, and performance degradation, eSTS will use its QCP. The QCP contains detailed procedures and focuses on performance to deliver superior-quality services on schedule and within cost objectives. Our corporate QC methodology was designed to deliver improved business practices and technical innovations. We constantly apply lessons learned and industry best practices to improve the processes supporting our customers. To ensure our responsiveness to customer feedback on all deliverables and daily operational documents, eSTS will analyze customer satisfaction surveys, feedback, and written comments about eSTS deliverables or services, and all other inputs received through informal conversations with customers. Achievement of customer satisfaction will influence our continuous improvement cycle. Our focus will be to build on the proven QC processes designed to satisfy requirements while rapidly responding to customer feedback to effect continual process improvements.

A key part of our quality management system is regular self-inspection. The CMP is the foundation of our inspection and self-surveillance program to ensure that high-quality products and services are delivered to our customers. eSTS procedures require us to:

Our CMP also describes our understanding of the technical, operational, and administrative management requirements for each contract including our approach for supporting the customer and a detailed review of our personnel management processes and procedures.

Team Members

Bonaros Consulting Corporation Program and administrative management for major systems acquisitions, surveillance systems engineering for aviation command and control systems. Systems program office support services including planning, staffing and business process re-engineering.
Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services Research and Development Support; Engineering Support; Modeling and Simulation; System Design Documentation/Technical Data; Software; RM&A; Human Factors Engineering Support; System Safety; CM Support; QA Support; IS/IA.IT; Interoperability/T&E/Trails; Measure Facilities/Ranges; Acquisition Logistics; Supply & Provisioning; Training; In-Service Engineering; Program Support; Administrative Support
Brace Management Group Acquisition & Financial Management Support Services.
Cameron Bell Corporation Engineering Services; Information Assurance; Information Sharing; Networking, Web Enabled Applications Development; System of System Integration; Software Open Source Development
CSSI, Inc. Applied Research & Development; Development and Analysis of Concept of Operations; Advanced Concepts and System Integration; Advanced Model Application; Operations Research; Safety and Environmental Services; Modeling and Simulation; Information Technology Solutions
Cyberspace Solutions, LLC Force Level Warfare Systems; Surface Ship Combat Systems; Warfare Analyses and Modeling; Command and Control Systems
DEG Technologies, LLC DEG is focused on Information Technology, Information Assurance, Cyber Security, Instructor Augmentation, Training Development, Communications and other Staff Augmentation support services.
Global Engineering & Management Services, Inc. GEMS, Inc. has technical capabilities in the following areas: Program/Project Management; Acquisition, Contracts and Financial Systems Management; Systems Engineering and Integration; Requirements and Systems Analysis; Testing and Evaluation ; Air/Surface Surveillance and Detections Systems; Combat Control Systems Engineering, Integration and assessment; Radar, Command and Control Systems, and Communications Systems; Information Operations/Information Warfare Systems; Air Integration Activities.
Gryphon Technologies Research and Development; System Design; Documentation and Technical Data; Software; Configuration Management; Quality Assurance; Interoperability; Training and Program Management
Hiasun, Inc. Hiasun has extensive experience in all phases of the system life cycle for computer-based, real-time, mission-critical systems, engineering projects, facility maintenance, and logistical support.
Human factor Engineering, LLC HfE,LLC engineers and supports warfighter focused C4ISR applications through continuous process and product improvement. Human factors engineering analyses include user-centered design tasks and metrics with particular use of eye tracking methods and technology. Core strengths include: Human Factors Engineering, user Interface Design, System Test and Evaluation Design, and Modeling and Simulation.
In2itive, LLC In2itive provides End-to-End Enterprise Architecture Modeling technology and services that is near real-time to support dynamic decision making.
Infoscitex Corporation IST’s core competencies include systems engineering, materials technology, specialty engineering, product development, technology development, technology integration, software development and engineering, information system management, information assurance, program management, and logistics and supply chain management.
Kratos Defense Engineering Solutions, Inc. Kratos Provides C5ISR; System Engineering; Test and Evaluation; Operational Logistics Support; Program and Acquisition Management; Business and Financial Management; Hazmat and Environmental Services.
Modus Operandi, Inc. Technical capabilities include Semantic Technology; Data and Knowledge Modeling and Integration; Vocabulary Management; Auto Generation of Metadata Tags; Text Mining, semantic search, entity Extraction and Natural Language Processing; Service Discovery, Orchestration and Management; Ontological Reasoning; Asynchronous Real-Time Event Processing;
Northrop Grumman Space & Mission Systems Corp. NGSM is a global defense company that provides technologically advanced, innovative products, services and solutions in systems integration, defense electronics, information technology, advanced aircraft, shipbuilding and space technology.
Oasis Systems, Inc. Oasis provides Advisory and Assistance and Systems Engineering and Technical Assistanve support to the Navy, Marine Corp, Army, Air Force, and Joint Department of Defense Agencies. Core competencies include: Systems Engineering; Space and Missile Defese Analysis; Data Link Interoperability; C4ISR; Operational Test and Analysis; Data Collection; Exercise Planning; Sensors; Subject Matter Expert Liaison; Program Management; Information Technology Information Assurance; Software Development.
Paradigm Technologies, Inc. Technical capability areas include Financial Management; Cost Estimating and Analysis; Policy and Legislative Affairs; System Engineering; Systems Analysis; Acquisition Program Support; Logistics; Corporate Operations; International Technical and Financial Support and Administrative Support.
QinetiQ North America, LLC Core capabilities include Administrative Support; Systems Engineering; Program Management; Software Engineering; Network Engineering; SETA Support; Enterprise Architecture Development; Computer Based and Field Training; Logistics; Research and Development; Security Engineering, and Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Analysis.
Roccomar, Inc. Core Capabilities include Systems Engineering; Sensor Networking; Joint Sensors; Extensive Operations Experience in Marine Corps Ground Radar and Command and Control Systems; Development Experience in Battle Management; Tactical Data Links; Decision Aids; Sensor Netting and Communications Systems; Software Configuration Management and Performance Engineering and Optimization.
Systems Research Group SRG is a Service-related Disabled Veteran Disadvantaged Small Business with an established reputation in Information Technology (IT), including software development, software maintenance, network engineering, database design and development, geographic information systems (GIS), computer aided design (CAD), and research and development in the IT arena
TASC, Inc. TASC provides Technology Planning; Specification Development; Acquisition Engineering; Process Assessments; Concept Development and Requirements Analysis; Design Trades; Risk Management; Safety; Logistics; Training; Documentation; Modeling and Simulation; Test and Evaluation; Integrated Product Team Support
Technology Associates International Corporation Technology Associates provides Engineering and Integration; Business Process Reengineering; Information Technology Solutions; and Program Management Support
Tekla Research, Inc. Tekla Research provides Engineering; Technical; Test and Evaluation; Information Assurance; and Program Management Support.
Tele Consultants, Inc. TCI provides experience in Engineering; Logistics; Information Assurance; Technical Support and Training for C4I systems.
Titanium Cobra Solutions, LLC Titanium Cobra Solutions delivers strategic business management consulting, program support, innovative technology solutions and custom training services.
VMD Systems Integrators, Inc. Technical capabilities include Systems Design, Development and Integration; System Specifications and Architecture; Requirements Development and Analysis; Technical Management and Planning; Database Development, Implementation and Deployment; Business Intelligence Data Analysis
WisTex Engineering, Inc. Wistex Engineering conducts performance analysis of information systems, operations and processes for aerospace, defense and telecommunications. Concept development; systems engineering and modeling and simulation.
Wyle Laboratories, Inc. Wyle Laboratories’ technical capabilities include Research and Development; Systems Engineering; Prototyping; Technical Data; Software Engineering; Human Factors; Systems Safety; Configuration Management; Test and Evaluation; Information Assurance; Information Technology; Acquisition; Logistics; Training; In-Service Engineering; Program Support and Multi-Media Support.