The Federal Aviation Administration has issued eSTS a contract through the eFAST Procurement Action 15-119/16-021 in support of the Capital Expenditures Program Office (ABP-300)

Contract # DTFAWA10A-00095

Period of Performance:


Base Year:           10/29/2015 - 10/28/2016


Option Year 1:   10/29/2016 - 10/28/2017


Option year 2:   10/29/2017 - 10/28/2018


Option year 3:   10/29/2018 - 10/28/2019


Option year 4:   10/29/2019 - 10/28/2020                                             

Contract Description/Scope:

In order to comply with the objectives of this SOW, the Contractor must provide management support, information technology (IT), business and financial management support, and administrative support to APB-300 Capital Expenditure Program Office.

Required support must include assisting cognizant Government staff in all aspects of budget formulation and execution- to include, but not limited to - budget planning, budget analysis and development, financial analysis, information technology, financial systems and administrations. IT support must include the development, enhancement and maintenance of IT systems utilized by ABP-300 to accomplish their mission, goals and objectives.

A sample of the required tasks are listed below.

Task 1 - Project Management Support

Task 2 - Database Requirements Analysis Support

Task 3 - Business & Financial Management Support

Task 4 - Administrative Support

eSTS is qualified and eligible to participate in the procurement process for contract awards (including direct 8(a) awards) for the following six functional areas:


eSTS eFAST MOA Contact Information
Tom McAvoy
Phone: (301) 429-0005 x101
Facsimile: (301) 429-0010
Email: tom.mcavoy@estsi.com

For additional information: http://www.faa.gov/go/efast